Lookup Price Rule Not Working

Is your Lookup Price Rule not working? Sweet. Below are some common reasons why. 🙂

  • The API names of your lookup table, tested field, lookup field, target field values is wrong or the field doesn’t exist.
  • You did not set a Lookup Table value in your price rule.
  • There are no lookup queries.
  • You have duplicate records in the custom object you’re using as your lookup table.
  • Tested Field supports non-null values only.” and you are comparing for null values in your lookup queries.
  • The set of Lookup Queries you have is not finding any values in the lookup table for the lines you have. (you’re missing a record in your table or your queries are wrong or the values in your tested fields aren’t being set as you expect them to be.
  • A rule that executes before your lookup rule is erroring out and causing the calculation sequence to halt.
  • A Rule that executes before your look up rule sets of value that the look up uses as a look up quarry on the same calculation event, as the look up rule, and the look up rule, can’t see the value.
  • Your conditions aren’t matching properly to the things in your quote.
  • There’s a rule or action that fires after your lookup rule that is overwriting the field you are expecting the lookup value in.
  • The target field in your price action targets a formula field.
  • Execute Scripts (in cpq package settings).
  • Your rule is not active.

Reader Submissions!

  • Known Issue: Commas are being used in the picklist fields participating in the queries: https://trailblazer.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p3A00000031gJQAQ

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