Salesforce CPQ: Product Rule: Product Action Applies to All Features, not Just Specified Feature


  • You have a bundle with two features.
  • Each feature has a list of options.
  • The same product is offered as an option in both features.


  • You have a config attribute, and a particular value there hides the option in one of the features.


  • You create a product rule to hide the option, using error conditions.
  • You set the feature field in the configuration rule so it will only apply to that feature.


  • Running the rule hides the option in both features. 🤬
  • You pull out your hair debugging for hours before searching the internet.
  • You land here and read this.

You’re not crazy. It just doesn’t work like it should. The solution for this, if you must have this functionality, is to make each option its own product record. Having some sort of differentiation within the product name is helpful!


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