Salesforce CPQ – A Series!

Greetings, Salesforce enthusiasts, and welcome aboard our spaceship! We’re about to embark on a stellar journey through the vast universe of Salesforce CPQ. This series will guide you from the basic to the most complex aspects of Salesforce CPQ, demystifying complexities and unearthing hidden functionalities of this powerful tool.

Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is a sales tool for companies to provide fast and accurate quotes for orders. Its features and functionalities can aid businesses in streamlining their sales processes, reducing errors, and enhancing customer relationships. However, just like any expansive universe, the Salesforce CPQ world is broad, continually evolving, and can be daunting to navigate, especially for novices.

That’s where our series shines! We’re here to serve as your cosmic guide, leading you through the myriad elements of Salesforce CPQ, helping you understand and utilize its power to its fullest potential.

Throughout this series, you’ll discover:

  1. Introduction to Salesforce CPQ: Simplifying Sales as Easy as ABC!: What it is, its benefits, and why businesses should consider implementing it.
  2. Unmasking the Superhero of Sales: CPQ and Its Superpowers: Explain the Configure, Price, and Quote process in general and the role Salesforce CPQ plays in simplifying this process.
  3. How to Set Up Salesforce CPQ: Guide your readers on how to set up Salesforce CPQ, including any initial configurations and important steps to consider.
  4. Understanding Salesforce CPQ Products and Pricing: Discuss how products can be configured in Salesforce CPQ, including the creation of product bundles, options, features, etc.
  5. Pricing Methods in Salesforce CPQ: Introduce the different types of pricing methods, such as cost-plus, list pricing, block pricing, and how they can be set up and applied in Salesforce CPQ.
  6. Discount Schedules and Discounting: Explore how discount schedules can be set up and used, and how manual and automatic discounting works in Salesforce CPQ.
  7. Quote Templates and Output Documents: Dive into the creation and configuration of quote templates and how to generate output documents like PDFs.
  8. Advanced Product Rules and Configuration: Explain how to set up and manage more complex product configuration rules, such as exclusion rules, validation rules, and product dependencies.
  9. Contracting and Renewals with Salesforce CPQ: Outline the contract creation process, including start dates, end dates, co-termination, and how renewals are handled.
  10. Subscription Products and Usage-Based Pricing: Discuss how to set up subscription products and implement usage-based pricing with Salesforce CPQ.
  11. Advanced Approvals in Salesforce CPQ: Dive into the details of setting up a complex approval process including sequential and parallel approvals.
  12. Amendments and Changes Orders with Salesforce CPQ: Discuss how changes to contracts are managed, such as adding products, changing quantities or terms.
  13. Integrating Salesforce CPQ with Other Systems: Discuss the benefits and methods of integrating Salesforce CPQ with other systems like ERP or CRM.
  14. Custom Actions and Automation in Salesforce CPQ: Discuss how custom actions can be set up to automate processes, such as triggering workflows or sending notifications.
  15. Best Practices for Salesforce CPQ Implementation: Close the series with a discussion on best practices for implementing Salesforce CPQ, common pitfalls, and how to maximize the value of your Salesforce CPQ investment.


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