Calculation error on quote Q-00001: SBQQ.SecurityUtils.SBSecurityException: You do not have read permission for field on object. Please contact your administrator.

You may be getting this type of error. Variants I’ve seen are:

  1. You do not have read permission for field Match Type on object Lookup Query
  2. You do not have read permission for field Product on object Price Rule

And you’re here because everything you do with Field Level Security, Permission Sets, Permission Set Groups, Profiles, Org-wide Defaults, and other security measures aren’t fixing your calculation issue!

  • Go into CPQ package settings (Setup -> Installed Packages -> Salesforce CPQ -> Settings).
  • Turn the below setting off.
  • Save the settings page.
  • Refresh the settings page.
  • Redo the calculation service OAUTH authentication.

This will resolve your issue for now. Then open a case with Salesforce, illustrating your issue.


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