Product Option – Setting Bundled makes quantity multiply by parent quantity

If you’re here, it’s likely you’re banging your head to figure out how to make a product option say “included” in the line editor WITHOUT multiplying its quantity by its parent’s quantity. Currently, the Bundled checkbox on the Product Option is the only way to get the line editor to say “Included” on those option lines. So you can not use the Bundled checkbox on the Product Option, unfortunately. But wait! Good news! We made a solution! It involves a new field on the Option and a Price Rule! See below!

Product Option: New Field (Checkbox): Included (Included__c)

Price Rule: Before Calculate – Default Values

Price Action: SBQQ__QuoteLine__c => SBQQ__Bundled__c = Formula: IF(SBQQ__ProductOption__r.Included__c, TRUE, SBQQ__Bundled__c)

The Install
Sandbox | Production

After you install, be sure to run the below script in the execute anonymous popup in the developer console. Click here to open the developer console in production and here to open it in sandbox.



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