Quote Line Editor: Alert – Unexpected end of input

You’re at your wits end trying to figure out why there’s an error when you add a product to your Quote… WHYYYYY OMGWHY.

Answer: Because Price Action Formula.

  • Open your Developer Console
  • Click to the Query Editor
  • Copy/paste the below query into the query box
  • Click Execute
select id, SBQQ__TargetObject__c, SBQQ__Field__c, SBQQ__Formula__c from SBQQ__PriceAction__c order by LastModifiedDate Desc

The culprit is most likely one of the top hits. πŸ‘πŸ»

Some Price Action Formula Advice

Create a custom formula field on the object your price action affects (Quote or Quote Line). Build the formula in there and click check syntax to make sure it has correct syntax. You can even save the field and test various records to make sure the formula works as expected. If all good, copy the formula and paste it back into the Price Action and either cancel out of the new field or delete the saved new field. This is a good practice to get into even if you’re a formula wizard!

Happy quoting!

2 thoughts on “Quote Line Editor: Alert – Unexpected end of input

  1. OMG Thank you for this! This was driving me insane!
    Can’t believe all i forgot was a bracket in the formula.

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