Template Content – Salesforce Inspector – Auto Inserting Image Tags

Hopefully, you’ve found this looking for an answer to some weird functionality happening. We were saving a Template Content and Salesforce would auto insert some tags before saving. Below is the text it would insert.

<div id="insext">
<div accesskey="i" class="insext-btn" tabindex="0" title="Show Salesforce details (Alt+I / Shift+Alt+I)"><img src="" /></div>
Which displays this image.

There is a bug report about this! It turns out, if you have the Salesforce Inspector Chrome plugin installed AND another plugin that clashes with inspector, you get this functionality in Salesforce whenever you edit a Rich Text field, which is using the CK Editor. The bug report has the issue happening when Salesforce Inspector is installed with Whatfix Editor. Our issue was happening with Salesforce Inspector installed with Dark Reader.


Disable one of the extensions. We’ve filed a bug report about this on the SF Inspector extension page on Google.


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