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Hey. There’s a set of documentation that tells you how to set up advanced approvals. It takes a while to do and lots of copy/paste code and documentation back and forth action between the docs and your org. Good news! We made an installer! πŸ™‚ Happy approving!

Sandbox | Production


After installing the above, make sure to do the below steps!

  1. Update email address in the email service to your admin email address!
  2. Connect the email service to Advanced Approvals.
    1. From the Email Service: Approval Services page, go to your new address and copy the value in the Email Address field.
    2. From Setup, enter Installed Packages, and then select Installed Packages.
    3. Find the Advanced Approvals package and click Configure.
    4. Paste the email address into the Inbound Approval Email (Long) field, then save your changes.

7 thoughts on “Advanced Approvals – Setup

  1. Great Blog!

    I set up AA and have my approval rules set up. Biz ops has asked if there is a way for AA to send to different approval chains based on sales territory. We use ‘user’ for the current approvals. So, when a user creates a quote which requires AA, it goes to his/her management chain- manager and manager’s manager. Sometimes a User will add groups to the Quote because some of what is being sold is for a different territory and it needs to be identified on the quote for commission purposes.

    Presently, if a quote has groups on it the AA only goes to the user’s management stream even though the discount could be on a group for a different sa;es territory. Is there a way to send AA to the management chain based on the territory in the group without writing a rule for each of the territories?



    1. Hey Jack!

      Thanks for the comment! The short answer is yes!

      There are many ways to do this but I’d put a lookup to a user on the quote, called β€œApprover”. Then fill it in with a price rule based on region. Then use that field as the approver in your rule.

      Let me know if this works!


      1. Ps. You can also set this up as a formula field. And your formula can reference custom labels so maintenance is easy. πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Love your blog and was really really excited when I found this!

    I am getting this error when I try to install the package in my sandbox:

    “Approval Services: An Apex Class must be specified when creating an Email Service.”

    Would you be able to upload a new package without this email service included, as that one just takes a minute to set up? Hoping it will work after that!

    1. Gaaaaah not good! I can definitely do that but I will look into creating a class for it that’s generic and updatable. The intent here was to have as much of the config as possible in an installer. πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. I got everything set up, and for individual users it’s working as expected. But when the approval is assigned to a Group and not an individual, the email approval does not work. Is this something that can be done?

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