CPQ Custom Permission Set

You’re wondering what all of these tables are for. They’re for CPQ permissions! CPQ comes with a few permission sets that give users permissions to do certain things in CPQ. The CPQ User permission set is the one we will focus on here as it is the one with some important missing permissions. We’ve had some great CPQ Specialists work through some of the most common permission issues that exist out of the box with CPQ. The below tables show what permissions you need for each object for CPQ to function properly.

System Permissions needed:

System PermissionReason
API EnabledCan encounter errors with QLE

CPQ Object Permissions Needed:

Block PricexxxxNeed delete to apply block pricing
Quote Linexxxx
Product OptionxxxNeed Edit to product option for configuration attributes to configure the product option
Configuration Attributex
Configuration Rulex
Contracted Pricex
Custom ActionxNeeds read to use the action
Custom Action Conditionx
Custom Scriptx
Discount Categoryx
Discount Schedulex
Discount Tierx
Error Conditionx
Favoritex (and view all)xxx
Favorite Productxxxx
Favorite Sharexxxx
Import Columnx
Import Formatx
Install Processor Logx (and view all)
Line Columnx
Lookup Datax
Lookup Queryx
Option Constraintx
Price Actionx
Price Conditionx
Price Dimensionx
Price Rulex
Process Inputx
Process Input Conditionx
Process Input ValuesxxxxNeeded to answer questions for guided selling
Product Actionx
Product Featurex
Product Rulex
Quote Documentxxxx
Quote Line Groupxxxx
Quote Processx
Quote Templatex
Quote Termx
Search Filterx
Solution GroupxNeed read to add to quotes
Subscribed AssetxxxxCreate in order to generate, and edit for amendments. per standard CPQ User permission set, delete is given.
SubscriptionxxxxNeed read create and edit to generate subscriptions from QLs. Per standard CPQ User permission set, delete is given.
Summary Variablex
Template Contentx
Template Sectionx
Term Conditionx
Timing Log
Upgrade Sourcex
Web Quotexxxx
Web Quote Linexxxx
Attribute Valuex
Columns Metadataxxxx
FieldSets Metadataxxxx
Order Product Consumption Schedulexx
Price Schedulesx
Quote Line Pricing Guidancex
Record Jobsxxxx
Additional Documentsxxxx
Subscribed Quote Linexxxx

Standard Object Permissions Needed:

ProductxxxxSFDC says CRED for product bundles where reps select component offerings after adding bundle to quote
Opportunity Productxxxx
Order Productxxx
Asset Relationshipxxx

The End

Guess what. You win. You get a trusty installer for the above permissions because you read through this whole mind numbing table nonsense. 👍🏻 Good work.

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