DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ

If you’re here, you’re looking for details on the DocuSign plugin for CPQ. You’ve come to the right place! Here is all the info you’re looking for.

Two Packages

There are two packages that were developed as direct DocuSign plugins for Salesforce CPQ. They are both listed as “legacy” and there is a new suite of tools by DocuSign that replaces both of these plugins (DocuSign Gen for Salesforce and DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce).

First Package

The first package that was made as a DocuSign plugin for CPQ was built by Salesforce.

Documentation – DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ (by Salesforce)

Package Install Links (don’t you do it. this is old.)

DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ 3.23.22018-07-21Production | Sandbox
DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ | Sandbox

Second Package

Over the years, this package has been cast aside by the community (oh, the drama!) in favor of a newer package built by DocuSign.

Downloads Page – DocuSign for Salesforce CPQ (by Docusign)

Package Install Links (yes do this one.)

Keep in mind you must install the first package first. 2.1 for CPQ requires 7.11.1 for general Salesforce.

DFS | Sandbox
DFS CPQ 2.12.12021-04-08Production | Sandbox


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