Renewals/Amendments: Cannot read property ‘lineVO’ of null

This error. 👍🏻 The worst. WHY DOES IT HAPPEN?!?! I’ll TELL you why. The CPQ demons want to eat your renewals and amendments for breakfast. And they have. Time to give up and retire to some remote island where you can sip on the souls of frustrated CPQ Specialists.

Kidding! It happens because Assets! Issues with Assets. Here is a link to the article that tipped me off to Assets.

More Detail

This is caused by one of two things but those two things are very similar!

Asset Record

On the Asset record, there are two fields: Required by Asset and Required by Subscription. This error could be happening because one of those fields is blank but shouldn’t be. Example:

You have a piece of hardware configured. Under this hardware, you put a required, selected Product Option that is a subscription. Like a maintenance product or a warranty product or something. It’s a subscription. But the hardware product is not configured to convert to an Asset. Everything is totally fine in the configuration screen and the line editor screen. All is happy. You’re demoing this for your client, expecting the OOTB renewals and/or amendments to work. BOOM. You get this error and look like a doof. WHO DID I HIRE?! <– customer is thinking.

The renewal is trying to add that subscription to the renewal quote. But it can’t because it can’t figure out what it is supposed to be attached to.

Subscription Record

On the Subscription record, there is a field: Required By Id. This error could be happening because this field is blank but shouldn’t be.


Go update the Asset Conversion and Asset Amendment Behavior fields on these products that are not subscriptions but have subscriptions under them. Asset Conversion = One per quote line -or- One per unit. Asset Amendment Behavior = Default. Go. Do it. Test it. Fixed.

PS. If this does not fix it, please drop a comment below and TELL ME. I want to know and help fix your problem.



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