CPQ – Rollback to Here

Have you ever been testing some functionality you just built that works on renewals or amendments and you keep having to roll back to the original opp and/or quote? Does your client have a process that includes “starting over” where they manually delete renewals, amendments, and the contract so it can all be regenerated? Look no further!

This is a bit of an edge case here and it’s for a very specific usage but I needed it and so I made it.

A “Rollback to Here” button on the Opp or Quote or Contract! I think it would be most useful on the Opportunity but it was easy to make the other two buttons.

The things included are: an APEX class, three Visualforce pages, and three custom buttons.

You get install links!
Production | Sandbox

Also! Make sure to add these buttons to the appropriate page layouts! They don’t just appear after installing…


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