CPQ – Pre-Discovery Homework!

This is a list of homework. For whoever wants to implement a CPQ. Any CPQ. This is a small list of things you can do before you even kick off your CPQ project. You’ll definitely need these things in hand during discovery. It’s a bit of pre-discovery.

Keep in mind that if there is anything in this list you currently don’t know yet, that is definitely OK!  Do not stress at all about not having something defined yet.  Just indicate that and you can define it after completing this list.

  1. Quoting
    1. Make a list of systems/tools/spreadsheets that are used to create quotes.
    2. Make a folder of quoting spreadsheets compiled from all acquisitions.
      1. Make sure each spreadsheet is filled out with example quote data.
  2. Products
    1. Make a list of products by product ownership/department/family/acquisition.
  3. Pricing
    1. Define how each product in the list above is priced (list price, tiered price, block price) and what those prices are.
      1. List Prices are one straight price.
      2. Tiered Pricing is made up of quantity tiers.  The price for a given tier is multiplied by quantity to get total price.
      3. Block Pricing is made up of quantity tiers.  The price for a given tier is NOT multiplied by quantity to get total price.  The tier price IS the total price.
    2. Are they monthly charges?  Yearly charges?  One-time fees?
  4. Discounts
    1. Define the structure of discounts.
    2. Do you have partner discounts?
    3. Do you have distributor discounts?
    4. Do you let the sales reps discount manually?
  5. Approval Rules
    1. Who should be in the room when we discuss approvals.
    2. What are the reasons a quote might need approval?
      1. Discounts
      2. Certain products being sold with other products.
      3. Certain products missing from a quote.
  6. Quote Templates
    1. Define what your quotes will look like.
    2. Use the marketing department to define the look and feel of the quote.
    3. Do you want to consolidate to have all quotes under one logo?
    4. How does the quote change based on the products that are on the quote?


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