CPQ – Finally! Dynamic Quote Fields in the Line Editor!

This is a simple one…

Salesforce CPQ has implemented yet another “Special Field”, HeaderFieldSetName. If you add this field to the Quote object, you can dynamically control what header fields show up in the QLE. This has been requested countless times over the past 5 years and FINALLY we have it!

  • CPQ Quote Object: New Custom Field: HeaderFieldSetName
  • Automatic
    • Formula: dynamic name of field sets based on criteria. This can be set as a formula field or a text field controlled by a price rule.
  • User Controlled
    • Make this field a picklist type with the values being the API names of all the field set names. Make sure to set a default value. Also make sure to add this picklist to all the field sets. Also add this field to the calculating fields field set.


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