CPQ Pre/During/Post-Deployment Checklist!

Are you going live? Do you have no idea how to start climbing THAT mountain? Look no further! Below are two checklists!

Pre-Deployment Checklist

  • Get Sign-off on UAT in Sandbox
    • Do NOT go live without sign-off. This is a bad idea.
  • Clone CPQ Page Layouts and Assign them to Proper Profiles
    • You can not put managed package layouts in a change set so we clone the CPQ layouts, assign them to the profiles they need to be, and add the new cloned layouts to the change set.
  • Create Change Set (Or use something like Gearset)
    • This should include every single thing you did in sandbox to support the CPQ implementation.
    • Here is an AMAZING change set chrome plugin. Only works in classic.
  • Extract Configuration Data
    • CPQ is mostly data. You have to either use data loader to export/import or use another tool to do the migration.
      • Here is an example of an excel template I use for data import with data loader.
      • Here is an example of a google sheet I use for data import with data loader. This sheet is exceptional in that, on the Features tab, it has a header lookup in the SBQQ__ConfiguredSku__c column! This would be used instead of using a lookup
      • I’d also highly recommend using Salesforce Inspector plugin for data migrations. Much more useful/efficient than data loader.
    • There are automated tools you can use to do the CPQ configuration data migration.
  • Create Legacy Data Import Files
    • This largely depends on the data your customer wants to bring over from the legacy system. Usually this entails subscriptions and renewals. Existing contracts that were in the old system but need to be in the new system for renewal purposes. This set of imports relies on the data mapping requirements you get from your customer.
  • Make List of CPQ Users
    • You will need to know who you need to access CPQ as part of their job in production. Sales Reps, Sales Ops, Finance, Legal are all examples of user types that may need access to CPQ.

Deployment Checklist

  • Change Set (Or something like Gearset)
    • Upload Change Set
    • Validate Change Set
    • Deploy Change Set
  • CPQ Configuration Data
    • Account
      • Contact
    • Price Book
    • Discount Schedule
      • Discount Tier
    • Summary Variable
    • Product
      • Pricebook Entry
      • Features
      • Product Option
      • Option Constraint
      • Configuration Attribute
      • Block Prices
      • Costs
      • Price Dimensions
      • Product Rule
        • Error Condition
        • Lookup Query
        • Product Action
      • Configuration Rule
    • Price Rule
      • Condition
      • Lookup Query
      • Price Action
    • Quote Template
      • Line Columns
      • Template Content
      • Template Section
      • Additional Document
    • Quote Term
      • These might have to be done in two or more waves if you have a parent/child relationship set up between your Quote Terms. Do master parents first and then go down the line.
      • Term Condition
    • Custom Script
    • Search Filter

Post-Deployment Checklist

  • Template Content
    • Update any links in HTML type content to point to the new org you’re moving to.
  • Update Any Layouts not in Change Set
    • If you do not do the cloning thing from pre-deployment, you’ll have to make manual updates to the CPQ page layouts.
  • Update Any Field Sets to Match Sandbox
    • CPQ managed package field sets will need to be manually updated. Any of the line editor field sets on Quote or Quote Line. Similar field sets on Product Option. These will all need to be manually adjusted in production to match sandbox.
  • Validate Successful Go Live with Quotes against Test Account
    • TEST IT. Do all the testing. As much as possible. Some clients even do a full UAT in production before assigning licenses.
  • Deliver “How-To” Documentation (User Doc and/or Admin Doc)
  • Assign CPQ Permission Set Licenses to Users

That’s it! Do comment if you’ve got more to add to this list!

2 thoughts on “CPQ Pre/During/Post-Deployment Checklist!

    1. Hi Gaurang,

      CPQ configuration data is not metadata. Metadata is Salesforce setup configuration. CPQ configuration data is actual data.

      The answer to your question is no! I have not used this data mover utility. At my day job, we have started to use Prodly to move CPQ data.

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