CPQ – QLE – QCP – Update Group Values!

If you’re here you’re eagerly trying to figure out how to update Quote Line Group values in a price rule. Unfortunately, you can’t. Yet. But you can in a QCP! Here’s a basic sample that copies the Quote Account value into the Quote Line Group Account field.

export function onAfterCalculate(quote, lines, conn) {
    quote.groups.forEach(function(group) {
        if (group.record != null) {
            group.record['SBQQ__Account__c'] = quote.record['SBQQ__Account__c'];
    return Promise.resolve();


2 thoughts on “CPQ – QLE – QCP – Update Group Values!

  1. Hi,
    I need to update the guote line group fields header values based on quote line in that particular group.
    for example: i have to update one time total field on the group header.if the charge type of the Quote line is one time the it should sum up the quoteline and update it.

    1. Hi Manusha! Yes you can do this! You would need to loop through your groups, then inside that loop, loop through your lines to gather line values and do some if statement testing of data for your specific criteria. If the criteria hits, set the values in the group!

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