CPQ – Little Known Feature – Lookup Search Fields!

This is a pretty cool feature. It enhances the lookup search capabilities of lookup relationship fields in CPQ visualforce pages.

The Scenario
You have the Account field on the Line Editor layout for Quote Line Groups. You can set the Account individually on a Quote Line Group.

The Problem
When you click into the Account field on the Group in the line editor, it shows you Account Names. But what if your Accounts have the same name? How do you know which one to pick? This is a common situation we see.

The Solution
There are two things that are involved in this solution. One for allowing CPQ to search more than just the Name field. The other is for showing more than one field on the Search Results popup when clicking Search in Accounts.

This field set is used to search an extra field when searching for lookup field values.

This field set is used to add field columns to the lookup results popup after clicking “Search in Accounts”.

2 thoughts on “CPQ – Little Known Feature – Lookup Search Fields!

  1. Does the feature you mentioned earlier apply to the following scenario? On a Quote Line Group, I’ve set up a Shipping Contact field to reference a Contact from the Account, with a filter criterion: “Shipping Contact: Account Name ID EQUALS Quote Line Group: Account ID.” However, it doesn’t seem to populate the contacts associated with the Account; instead, it displays a list of different Shipping Contacts. In your example, can I implement this on the Quote Line Group field set? If I do, I can’t seem to find the Contact object in the search. Any insights? Thanks.

    1. So the feature of this post will work, however, the issue you’re experiencing is different than what this feature delivers. You’re experiencing a filtering issue. It sounds like the account on your quote line group is a shipping account. This would be why you’re only seeing the shipping contacts. You’d need to fill the account field on the quote line group with the account for which you want the contacts from.

      Then, the feature in this article could be applied. You’d add these field sets to your Contact object and put the fields you want to search and/or be shown as columns into these field sets.

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