The Entity ‘ConsumptionSchedule’ is not found. Contact the vendor for more details.

You’re here. You’re trying to install CPQ. But this message happens. Dammit. 😡 Or this message: (ConsumptionSchedule.Category__c) Entity not available.

There are three ways to solve this:

  1. Enter a support ticket to have Salesforce provision Usage Based Pricing in your org.
  2. Create a fresh new org and try installing there.
  3. Refresh Your Sandbox
  4. Match Production Licenses to Sandbox without a Refresh

Support Ticket
Below is an example thread you might see after submitting a Support Ticket to Salesforce. Definitely send the first message below as the text of the ticket. You can get this information from your Company Information within Setup.

Hello Salesforce,

We need you to provision Usage Based Pricing in our org so we can install the latest CPQ.

Org ID: <Salesforce Org ID>
Instance: <Instance> (ex: NA42)
Environment Type: <Environment Type> (ex: Enterprise Edition)

Your Customer 😃

Hi, Thank you for reaching out to Salesforce CPQ and Billing Support.

Please be informed that I requested the authorized personnel to enable the Usage-Based Pricing and Consumption Schedule features, which should resolve the issue. I will provide another update once I hear back from them.



I received an update that the license regarding the Usage-Based Pricing Feature enablement has been provisioned to the org-id <Salesforce Org ID> you mentioned.

Can you please confirm the same?

Also if there are no other active troubleshooting issues related to the case, I’ll proceed to close the case upon your approval.


Fresh New Org

👍🏻If you are creating the new org as a new dev org from the Salesforce website, this will automatically work.

⚠️If you are creating the new org from a template, you must make sure that the template has Usage Based Pricing provisioned before creating from the template. Similarly, if you’re creating it as a sandbox from your production org, you must make sure that your production org has Usage Based Pricing provisioned before creating the sandbox.


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