CPQ – Product2 Field – Has Configuration Attributes

There is a field on the Product2 object called “SBQQ__HasConfigurationAttributes__c”.  This field is one of the only fields in CPQ that does not have help text next to it in the UI.

You can see Lock Description has a help text “i” next to it but Has Configuration Attributes does not. It does have a description in the SFDC documentation though.

The description says: “Checks to see if this product has configuration attributes”. But upon viewing some bundle products that do have config attributes, this checkbox is not checked. That leads me to believe this checkbox is not automatedly filled. You have to manually check this if desired.

One thing to note is that if you do check this box and there are no Configuration Attributes defined, you will get a NullPointer exception.

3 thoughts on “CPQ – Product2 Field – Has Configuration Attributes

  1. I saw that this box was not getting checked automatically for one product that had configuration atts. So, I went to the CPQ settings, and clicked on ‘Execute Scripts’ and that action checked the box… so I guess there’s a bug in CPQ that’s causing this issue. But my question is more about the use of ‘Execute Scripts’ as a resource to fix ‘bugs’… I’ve seen multiple issues that got resolved after hitting that button, but I remember clearly the following 3:

    1. “SBQQ__HasConfigurationAttributes__c” not getting checked off automatically.
    2. New field used in a Price Action was throwing a ‘metadata not found’ error when trying to save the quote.
    3. Configuration attributes getting reverted back to null after editing line.

    All these 3 issues were magically fixed after ‘executing scripts’. The thing is that the button in CPQ settings says “Execute the Salesforce CPQ migration scripts that ran during installation and upgrade of the package. This is only necessary if scripts failed during installation.”… Is there any problems with using this button when needed to fix these ‘bugs’? I’ve not seen any adversed effect after using it, but would like to know your opinion on that. Thanks in advance!!!

    1. Hey Catalina!

      I will say there is no problem with using this button whenever needed! If something is going on that can’t be explained and can’t be fixed and seems to just exist within the cpq package now, use that button and it usually fixes it!

      I have one caveat! Sometimes orgs have automation, right? 😂 well this automation can sometimes get in the way of the scripts running properly.

      Wait there’s another caveat! If you have a partial sandbox or dev org with partial data in it, that can sometimes affect the scripts running properly too!

      If you ever encounter the scripts not fixing an issue that can’t be explained otherwise, look in setup, in apex jobs to see if the scripts failed. There are quite a few jobs in there that are a part of the “scripts” so you may have to look down the list of jobs.

      Otherwise it is totally fine to run these scripts to help resolve any issues. 🙂

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