CPQ – Oldity – The Mysterious “None” Option

You have a bundle product. You have a couple features. You have a few options in those features. You quote the product to test it. Lo and behold! There is a “None” option under all of your other options! Whaaaaaat. I didn’t put that there. There’s no setting anywhere to turn this off or on. What in the world…


Can I remove this “None” option? Yes! This happens in an old version of CPQ (26.0.23 (summer/winter ’17)). When you have min options set to zero and max options set to 1.

The solution to this is to upgrade CPQ. Or update your feature to have something other than these values in these two fields. Or suck it up and accept that this is the interface and that is how someone would choose nothing.

Thanks to Ashley for finding this! (We are all hungry now. Pass the sandwiches please?)


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