CPQ – Oddity – Product Rule does not show “Continue” button in QLE

Hello! Welcome to another episode of “well this is weird”, CPQ edition. You have a bunch of products. You have an Alert Product Rule set up to run on Quote. See below.

Where in the world is the “Continue” button? Is my alert Product Rule acting like a validation and not letting me save the record? What is this world coming to???

You can relax. Don’t panic. You clicked “Quick Save”. It did save your record. There’s no need for a “Continue” button because there’s nothing to continue on to. You’re staying on the QLE. The “Cancel” button here will close the popup. If you cancel out of the Quote from here, you’ll notice your changes were saved. Confusing? Yes. Detrimental? No. You can close the case/issue the user logged with you about this “error”. Also this: If you click the regular vanilla “Save”, you’ll see the continue button.

Thanks to Gabe for finding this.


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