When Migrate Quote Template Through data loader

You might notice, after migrating your quote templates to another org with data loader (to production perhaps), you see either double or duplicate columns in the Quote Template!

Are you migrating the quote templates through data loader?

You must keep in mind that the order to add the Quote template through data loader is:

1. Quote Template
2. Template Content
3. Template Section
4. Line Column
5. Additional Documents can be added.

But it must be taken into account that salesforce has an automated process and that is that every time a Quote template is created, it creates 6 Line columns by default:

– QTY –> SBQQ__Quantity__c
– PART # –> SBQQ__ProductCode__c
– DESCRIPTION –> SBQQ__Description__c
– UNIT PRICE –> SBQQ__ListPrice__c
– DISC (%) –> SBQQ__Discount__c
– EXTENDED –> SBQQ__NetTotal__c

So, when we load the Quote template through data loader in the first step these 6 Line Columns are created automatically; Then when the creation of the quote template is finished, these 6 Column Lines should be removed if they are not being used.

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