CPQ – Amend MDQ Past First Segment

The Problem
If you’re dealing with amendments on MDQ products, you may have realized you can’t do this…

  1. Click Amend on Contract
  2. Set Start Date past first segment
  3. Save Quote

You get the below error:

The Answer
Huzzah! There is an answer! The answer is…

Contract -> Amendment Start Date

  1. Set Amendment Start Date on Contract past first segment
  2. Click Amend on Contract
  3. Set Start Date past first segment
  4. Save Quote

No error! Happy Quoting!

Another thing!

If you do the above and find that the amendment is showing all 4 segments, it’s because you’re setting the Quote Start Date to the Contract Start Date on Insert of Amendment Quote. Don’t do that!

4 thoughts on “CPQ – Amend MDQ Past First Segment

  1. Hi Dennis, Sorry I am new to CPQ, I am not getting the last part. could you please give an example for the ‘Another thing’ .


    1. I hope I got you. Instead of contract start date, it needs to be amendment start date applied to quote start date.

  2. I found this out the hard way myself, too! Because this field is key for MDQ, I actually set up a screen flow triggered from a new Amend button to force a user to set the amendment start date before being passed to the usual amendment visualforce page. And removed the standard amendment button from the contract page layout.

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